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Taxidermy Services

Ed’s Taxidermy’s services include one- and two-sided fish mounts, bird mounts on upland game birds and waterfowl, and game head mounts on deer, bear, elk, moose, buffalo, and caribou.  Also, bear and deer rugs, tanning, and full mounts on small and large game from weasels to grizzly bears.   Custom bases and glass cases are also offered; customization and versatility are distinct advantages of an experienced taxidermist.  All necessary freeze-dry work is done on-site.  Wholesale freeze-dry work is a service that is provided to other taxidermists as well. Visa and MasterCard are accepted.  Please call for prices and special requests.  Deposits are required. 


Ed’s Taxidermy is licensed as a USDA Port of Entry. 

Trophy Care 

Trophy Bird Care - Do not gut a bird intended for mounting.  Once the bird has cooled off, carefully tuck its head under one wing and slip the bird shoulders first into a heavy plastic bag.  Seal the bag airtight and freeze as soon as possible.


Trophy Fish Care - Do not gut a fish intended for mounting.  Wrap the fish in a wet towel, place in a plastic bag and freeze as soon as possible.


Trophy Animal Care – Do not bleed any trophy animal by cutting its throat.  Capes, hides, and skins should be frozen as soon as possible.  If a freezer is not available, store in a cool place.  If you are uncertain of the proper skinning procedure, contact your taxidermist before the hunt.